Jacuzzi Repairs Johannesburg

Jacuzzi Repairs Johannesburg

Preparing the surface for Installing your Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Repairs Johannesburg Should be simple and hassle free. Whether you have an old Jacuzzi or a new one, they all break sooner or later.

Where you go from there will determine if you will spend thousands and thousands over and over?

Or will you decide to go with a Johannesburg Jacuzzi Repair Specialist, get it done professionally and get it right the first time?

Installing a Rim Flow Jacuzzi in Johannesburg:

Rim Flow Jacuzzi Installation Preparation Johannesburg
Rim Flow Jacuzzi Installation Preparation Johannesburg

Preparing the surface for installation is the most important part of the process. Make sure you calculated the surface area for installation and keep in mind that the Rim Flow Jacuzzi has a 1000 Liter tank that needs to go as close as possible to the actual Jacuzzi itself.

Flat surfaces work the best, ensure that the surface can handle the weight of the Rim Flow Jacuzzi.

You should also leave space for the finishing around the Jacuzzi, eg: Building work, Decking or any type of finishing.

Should you decide to do the finishing first, please ensure that the necessary spacing has been calculated, otherwise you will not be able to insert the Jacuzzi into the structure.

Make sure that any municipality pipes or wires have been rerouted or secured, damaging any of these could lead to thousands of rand in damage and could cause problems in the future.

Jacuzzi installations in Johannesburg usually don’t need a lot of ground preparation as the ground is firm and very stable.

Placing the Jacuzzi.

The next step of the Jacuzzi installation process is to ensure that proper support is used. River sand is used as this provides the best support and doesn’t sag down after time. Placing it correctly will provide a life long base or foundation for your Jacuzzi to rest on.

Rim Flow Jacuzzi Installation Support
Rim Flow Jacuzzi Installation Support

The support goes under the foot-well of the Jacuzzi, If you decide to use concrete, then it is good practice to cover it with plastic before placing the Jacuzzi on-top. This will ensure that if the Jacuzzi ever needs to be removed in future, the base won’t stick to the concrete.

Make sure balancing tank is placed close to the Jacuzzi. This will prevent heat loss as the water travels from the Jacuzzi to the Jacuzzi balancing tank.


Connecting the balancing tank to the Jacuzzi.

The balancing tank on a Rim Flow Jacuzzi is the most important part of the installation. The purpose of the balancing tank is exactly as the name suggests.

The Rim Flow Jacuzzi must be filled till overflow, the level of water in the Tank depends on the size of the tank.

Rim Flow Balancing Tank Connection
Rim Flow Balancing Tank Connection

There should be at least 200 Liters of water in the tank at any given time. The remainder of the space is is used when people get into the Rim Flow Jacuzzi. So lets say 7 People get in the Jacuzzi at the same time, then the water that is displaced will flow into the balancing tank.

When they get out of the Rim Flow Jacuzzi, then the water is automatically pumped back into the Jacuzzi, which will ensure the overflow keeps running.

Every time people get out of the Rim Flow Jacuzzi they take a small amount of water with them. This is not a problem as the tank has a float valve installed on the inside, which maintains the minimum level in the balancing tank. So when the water drops below a certain level, then the flow valve will top up the water again. This ensures a seamless, maintenance free operation at all times.

Be careful for when this valve fails, because then the water will just keep flowing until it overflows from the tank.

Placing your Rim Flow Jacuzzi to get the best view.

Rim Flow Jacuzzi View Johannesburg
Rim Flow Jacuzzi View Johannesburg

Connecting the Rim Flow Pipe Work.

Connecting the Rim Flow Jacuzzi to the pump system and balancing tank is not always easy. Depending on the configuration and amount of pumps and extra’s installed, there could be up to 9 pipes connecting everything together.

Keep in mind that the Balancing tank and main jet system work separately from each other and need their own supply and feed sources.

 rim flow pipework johannesburg
rim flow pipework johannesburg

Leveling your Rim Flow Jacuzzi.

If the Rim Flow Jacuzzi is not leveled properly then it will not overflow on each side equally. There is a company in Alberton that copied the original Rim Flow Jacuzzi  mold and did a poor job on perfecting the mold. This results in the Jacuzzi not overflowing properly.

Buying directly from Jacuzzi is better, as they have perfected their mold and it overflows on all sides.


 rim flow level johannesburg
rim flow level johannesburg

Finishing Around your Rim Flow Jacuzzi.

The finishing around the Rim Flow Jacuzzi should be planned carefully, any mistakes made during this part of the installation, could cost you thousands of rand in the long run.

 rim flow deck johannesburg
rim flow deck johannesburg

Installing a deck around your Rim Flow Jacuzzi is usually the safest option, although building it in and tiling can also work. Just consider that if it ever needs to be removed for future maintenance or repair purposes.

 rim flow final view with light on johannesburg
rim flow final view with light on johannesburg




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