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How to connect a Jacuzzi
How to connect a Jacuzzi

Whether you have an old Jacuzzi or a new one, they all break sometimes. Where you go from there will determine if you will spend thousands and thousands of rand over and over? Or will you decide to go with a Professional and get it right the first time?

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Bellow You Will Find a Handy List of all the parts on your Jacuzzi.

Click a name in the list to see how it plays it’s part in the whole operation of the Jacuzzi!!

How It Works!!

Jacuzzi Shell

Jacuzzi Hydro Therapy Massage Jets

Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

Jacuzzi Lights

Jacuzzi Air Blower

Jacuzzi Filters

Jacuzzi Electrical Distribution Box

Jacuzzi Venturi System

Jacuzzi Bellow Buttons

Jacuzzi Two-Way and Four-Way Air Switches

Jacuzzi Waste Valve

Jacuzzi Thermostat

Jacuzzi Water Heaters

Jacuzzi Covers

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