Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

jacuzzi Jet Pumps Self Priming
Jacuzzi Jet Pump – Self Priming

Note: Depending on the amount of pumps you have installed, at least one of them will be directly connected to the heater. If you intend switching your Jacuzzi on please make sure that you turn the thermostat to Zero or if you can find the Switch for the heater you can turn that off too.

Also make sure there is enough water in the Jacuzzi to at least cover the seats. Some Jacuzzi’s won’t switch on until you get the water to the required level. Jacuzzi jet pumps variate from installation to installation. If you need professional assistance with installing your Jacuzzi Jet Pump please Click Here Now!!

Basically you can divide Jacuzzi Jet Pumps into 2 Classes:

Jacuzzi Jet Pump – Self Priming or Swimming Pool Pump

Self Priming means the pump can be situated higher than the level of the water in the Jacuzzi itself. So if there is water in the Jacuzzi, the pump should be able to fill itself up within 5 – 6 Seconds. Once the pump is full, water should be spraying from the jets slowly at first, but more powerful after say 30 seconds.


Jacuzzi Jet Pump – Self Draining

Jacuzzi .6Kw Circulation Pump
Jacuzzi .6 KW Self Draining Circulation Pump

Self Draining means the pump MUST be situated LOWER than the level of the water in the Jacuzzi itself.

Notice that this pump doesn’t have a Basket or another name for it is a leave trap.